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Police Officer

City of Fridley, Minnesota
October 19, 2020
Position Title:
Police Officer
Police Department
Salary ranges:
$26.32 to $40.06 per hour, (per 2020 union contract)
FLSA Status:
Position Reports And Is Accountable To:
Police Sergeant
In 2014, the Fridley City Council adopted the following organizational mission: “We believe Fridley will be a safe, vibrant, friendly and stable home for families and businesses.” In addition, City staff committed to the vision by focusing on the core values of being responsive, driven and friendly.
POSITION OBJECTIVE:  Under the supervision of a Police Sergeant, this position is responsible for maintenance and order; enforcement of laws and ordinances; and protection of life and property. Conducts investigations into criminal law violations and other violations; engages in crime prevention activities; and provides other police services as may be required.
 1.       Actively work with citizens to resolve issues affecting their quality of life in the City of Fridley.
 2.       Patrol a specific assigned area on foot or using a vehicle as directed.
 3.       Operate and drive a patrol car to monitor traffic; operate vehicle-monitoring equipment such as radar; observe and detect traffic violations and crime; and investigate accidents.
 4.       Enforce federal law, state statutes and city ordinances.
 5.       Respond to complaints such as prowlers, trespass, fights, disturbance of the peace, domestics, alarms, lost or stolen property, etc.
 6.       Perform arrests and procedures as warranted.
 7.       Perform searches and maintains security of prisoners under his or her control.
 8.       Record written and oral statements from victims, witnesses, suspects, specialists, and citizens.
 9.       Write, dictate, type, proof or edit detailed reports in English to document activities.
10.      Operate desktop and mobile computer equipment to create and submit reports, enter records, run queries and access data.
11.      Operate radio and contemporary technology to receive and acknowledge police calls for service and communicate with other employees and supervisors.
12.      Provide credible testimony and/or evidence at trials, hearings, and before grand juries as required.
13.      Serve warrants and subpoenas as required.
14.      Maintain strong code of ethics the highest standard of conduct while on and off duty.
15.      Use appropriate level of force to achieve stated law enforcement objectives, including the ability to use deadly force when justified.
16.      Answer questions from the public on the telephone or in person such as case status, complaints, law interpretation, etc. or refer questions to proper agency or person.
17.      Perform routine traffic control activities such as directing traffic; perform verification and checks on car registration, check for outstanding warrants; and issue tickets, citations, or tags for illegal moving or parking violations.
18.      Perform preventative patrol, surveillance checks and vacation checks of private dwellings and businesses.
19.      Conduct preliminary investigations of robberies, burglaries, thefts, hold-ups, accidents, deaths and similar incidents.
20.      Secure and monitor crime scenes.
21.      Interrogate suspects and take sworn statements, formal confessions, or depositions.
22.      Uses physical defensive tactics when necessary, e.g. taking suspect into custody.
23.      Maintain proficiency in police skills such as use of firearms, first aid, driving, etc.
24.      Become familiar with all departmental equipment and aids necessary to perform assigned duties.
25.      Become familiar with and comply with field training manual, operations manual, federal laws, state statutes, and city ordinances relating to law enforcement; instructions and service manuals for operation and maintenance of law enforcement safety equipment; complies with Safety Manual and all departmental directives.
26.      Relate effectively to victims of crimes providing personal support and advice as required.
27.      Perform other duties as may be assigned or required.
 1.       Respond to medical emergencies and render first aid.
2.        Serve as a Neighborhood Resource Officer to assist residents of specific neighborhoods resolve issues related to safety and quality of life.
 3.       Attend meetings, seminars and other required training classes to maintain current and up-to-date knowledge of criminal and civil laws, as well as technical skills and safety regulations in order to remain proficient in the performance of duty.
 4.       Perform regular checks on assigned equipment for safety, operation and efficiency.
 1.       Ability to write clearly and effectively, comprehend and follow oral and written communications in English such as commands, service manuals, safety instructions, pertinent laws, standing orders, street signs, building signs, warning signs, including ability to read signs in diminished light conditions.
 2.       Ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing, through orders, reports, requests, instructions, etc.
 3.       Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
 4.       Ability to work effectively with other police officers on assigned team and with other personnel in the Police Department and municipal employees, as well as outside agencies and organizations.
 5.       Availability for work on rotating shifts on any day or time of the week, including evenings, weekends and holidays.
 6.       Ability to deal with diverse public tactfully, courteously, and, when the occasion demands it, with firmness and authority.
 7.       Successfully complete and pass required entrance exam(s), interviews, thorough criminal background investigation, pre-placement medical, physical, psychological exam, and drug/alcohol tests.
 8.       Ability to use accurate powers of observation and memory for names, faces, numbers, incident and places.
 9.       Ability to analyze situations quickly and accurately and to determine proper course of action.
10.      Exercise good situational judgment and make decisions as to appropriate action under pressure in accordance with rules, regulations and policies.
1.                Must be a United States Citizen.
2.                Minimum of 21 years of age or older.
3.                Possess a high school diploma or GED certification.
4.                Licensed peace officer licensed by June 15, 2021, in the State of Minnesota or P.O.S.T. Board eligible to be licensed by June 15, 2021.
5.                Possess a valid Minnesota driver’s license, with no restrictions as well as a good driving history.
6.                Successfully pass an in-depth background check, investigation and required evaluations (psychological testing, medical exam, physical agility and drug test).
7.                Have no felony convictions; no convictions of domestic violence or domestic violence-related offenses (either misdemeanor or felony).
8.                Must be of good moral character.
 1.       Previous experience as a police officer, community service officer, reserve police officer or security.
 2.       Additional education or training in law enforcement.
 3.       Ability to communicate in multiple language(s) other than English.
 4.       Proficiency in the use of computers, contemporary communication equipment and technology for law enforcement purposes.
Attached is a Job Activity Requirement form of work environment characteristics that are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of a Police Officer. Employees in this position are uniformed and may encounter a variety of situations that involves significant risk to personal injury or unsafe situations. Candidates should understand the physical requirements of the position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable a person with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.
Hourly wage range is: $26.32 to $40.06 per hour as of January 1, 2020 (2020 union contract). Work shifts are twelve hours in length. Shift differential pay for evening hours worked between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Additional five percent (5%) pay provided for special assignments (Detective, School Resource Officer, Drug Task Force Investigator). Longevity pay beginning at four (4) years. Hours will vary and schedule will rotate, which includes evenings, weekends and holidays. Benefits include a variety of options, paid entirely or in part for the employee by the City, which includes life, health, and dental insurance; flexible spending account program; short- and long-term disability; eighteen (18) days of annual leave per year; twelve (12) paid holidays per year; employee wellness program; tuition reimbursement, deferred compensation, employer's share of payments to workers' compensation, unemployment compensation; and Public Employees Retirement Association. Additional information on benefits and compensation can be obtained by requesting a copy of the labor contract.
Please check our website, periodically for openings. Please submit a cover letter, resume, and a City of Fridley application by 4:00 p.m. Monday, October 19, 2020.
October 20209
The City of Fridley will not discriminate against or harass any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, marital or familial status, sexual orientation or status with regard to public assistance.