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Biological Science (Wildlife) Technician

In cooperation with the Pacific Southwest Research Station, the Great Basin Institute is recruiting up to 3 Biological Science (Wildlife) Technicians. Technicians will work independently or as part of a small team in a forest environment where terrain is often uneven, rocky, and covered with thick vegetation, and where there is exposure to extremes of weather and temperature. The Technician provides technical assistance to professional and technical research personnel by accomplishing biological support work. The successful applicant needs the skills and confidence to make decisions and exercise independent judgment to safely implement field and office tasks according to established protocols. Technician duties include conducting established wildlife-related research activities on the status, behavior and distribution of fishers (Pekania pennanti) which may include: setting and checking live traps, assisting experienced personnel in the safe capture and handling of fishers, installing and monitoring remote camera stations, and ground radio telemetry work. Telemetry work may involve remote downloads of GPS collars, triangulation, and homing to identify structures, dropped collars, or mortality sites. Assignments may involve monitoring live traps, documenting the presence and movement of wildlife, data entry and management, measurement of vegetation, equipment maintenance, and facilities upkeep. Although not required, individuals with a background in GIS or data management may have opportunities to assist with organizing data from GPS collars, creating maps using GIS, and organizing spatial data files for field work, summaries, and other project needs. In conjunction with field and project supervisors, help maintain the organization, integrity and accuracy of project data. Successful applicants must also be able to work well with others as part of a team where most crew members live and work at the same remote location.

Compensation and Timeline:
o Rate of Pay: $15.15/hour
o Health Insurance
o Timeline: 3-4 month appointment beginning in December 2018, or upon availability

Location: The Technician will be based in Shaver Lake, CA at the USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station’s Dinkey Creek Work Center in support of the Conservation of Biodiversity program.

Qualifications: Technical requirements:
o A combination of educational and/or field experiences related to wildlife and/or conservation
biology, ecology, environmental science, or related field;
o Knowledge of the basic principles of wildlife biology to collect research data, maintain research
databases, evaluate data for accuracy, relevancy, and importance, and relate the significance of the results to the higher objectives to which the activity is related;
o Familiarity with forest carnivore research methodology including but not limited to live capture
and handling, radio telemetry (triangulation, homing via VHF), and the use of remote cameras;
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o Experience maintaining and troubleshooting field devices such as hand-held GPS equipment for
navigation and data collection;
o Although not a requirement, experience with GIS and database management is beneficial; o Good verbal and written communication skills with the ability to articulate biological principles
and philosophy to the public;
o A documented ability to work safely in remote, technically challenging environments; o Ability or willingness to summarize data and field experiences; o Ability to work as part of a research team, respect the rights of others, identify and
communicate concerns to supervisors; and
o Ability to execute a number of types of sequential, related steps or assemble and deploy several
pieces of equipment.

Additional requirements:
o Possess a valid, state-issued drivers license and clean driving record with experience operating
4WD trucks on and off paved roads, including narrow, mountain forest roads – use of ATVs, is expected in some winter conditions; o Highly self-motivated and self-reliant with good organizational skills; o First aid, Wilderness First Responder (WFR), or Leave No Trace training/certification, desirable
but not required;
o Comfortable in remote settings where cell coverage is minimal and most communication is via
hand-held radio;
o Ability to work in harsh and rapidly changing environments, work in all types of weather, steep
terrain, be physically fit and able to carry upwards of 40 pounds in a backpack; and
o Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work and
team ethic in support of the goals and objectives of the position and the mission of GBI.

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